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Trauma Therapy


Trauma is a powerful word that for some may imply a major catastrophic scale event.  However, any event that leaves an emotional scar on our soul can be considered traumatic. Thinking back to our childhood, I bet you can recall minor events that at the time felt both very big and very wounding. The definition of trauma is personal and subjective. The event that is profoundly painful for one, may go unnoticed for another. In a way, trauma is in the eye of the beholder.

LGBT community, including gay men and women, has been disproportionally more likely to be the target of bullying, abuse, violence, rejection, discrimination and ridicule. Many of us experienced these occurrences first hand. Often these events leave painful long-lasting marks on our psyche. Many of us learn to accept these scars as an inevitable part of being gay, bi, or transgender, and carry on, dragging along the baggage of the past. Unfortunately, these shadows of the past drain the color out of our life experience, painting it with shades of fear, pain and hurt.

Often we resign our power to change our experience with an attitude of – You cannot change the past. Even among therapists there is the unspoken consensus that trauma can be managed, but cannot be fully healed; that one can overcome the victimhood and become a survivor, but can never leave the trauma behind altogether. I am here to assure you – this is not true. What makes any event into a trauma is the powerful charge of unresolved negative emotions associated with the traumatic event. What if I told you that regardless of how horrific the event was, without the charge of anger, fear, guilt, shame and hurt accompanying the memory of this event, the event itself is just a memory that can remain archived in the annals of your mind just like any other memory, without disrupting your current wellbeing? Without the charge of unresolved negative emotions the trauma becomes powerless over you and you reclaim your power to live your life with zest and pleasure.

How can we resolve trauma?

In my Los Angeles clinic I have developed a unique 3 phase A-R-C psychotherapy system to create rapid and profound transformation within your life experience.  This the 3-step  A-R-C therapy approach is available both, in-person, as well as in a form of online therapy. For more information about online therapy, please visit the Online Therapy tab.

A wareness – During the first Power-Step of psychotherapy we will evaluate all aspects of your life that brought you to where you are right now, including the traumatic events and their context. It is during this step that we also clearly define the ultimate goals for our work together, as well as the evidence procedure, which will show us that our work has been a total success. The Awareness Power-Step is a crucial step that identifies both the problem and the solution.

R elease – In the second Power-Step of our therapy we will use advanced mind-technology, such as Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) and elements of hypnotherapy, to help you release the emotional charge associated with the traumatic events as well as the limiting beliefs that these events might have created in your mind. Using NLP and elements of hypnotherapy we will let go of unresolved anger, sadness, fear, guilt, shame and hurt. We will also release limiting decisions and old beliefs about yourself, others, and the world, and replace these with empowering beliefs to allow you to live your best life.

Co-Creation – The third and final Power-Step of psychotherapy is designed to provide new tools and resources to solidify your gains and establish your life trajectory toward your heart’s desires. During this step we create a sound and clear vision of your ideal life, and set you on the path of joy, purpose and fulfillment.

Is psychotherapy for me?

My LA clinic proudly serves the diverse and multifaceted communities of Los Angeles, and California at large. Sometimes I am asked whether as a therapist I can guarantee results. This is an important question to answer. Our time, energy and money are important resources and we want to allocate them wisely. When we talk about guarantee, there are two key elements to consider – you and me. As a therapist I can absolutely guarantee that my clients receive absolutely all of my knowledge, expertise, experience, attention and support. I can also guarantee that if my total commitment to your success is met with the same commitment from you, our work will have a transformative impact on your life.

My 100% success guarantee comes with 3 necessary attitudes on the part of my clients:

1.   Ownership of full responsibility for our life. Knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally, we are 100% responsible and our life, including our relationship, is our making.

2.   Willingness to let go of the old baggage, including resentments, anger, grief, old beliefs etc.

3.   Full commitment to making all changes necessary to achieve our goals.

This single-minded commitment to your success and wellbeing is the key component of our work. From my clinical experience at my Los-Angeles psychotherapy clinic I can attest that 100% of my clients who showed up with 100% commitment to themselves, achieved remarkable life-changing results during our work together.

Perhaps, despite the pain you are experiencing in your relationship, you are struggling to fully commit to rebuilding your relationship and engage in couples counseling. If this is the case, you are not alone. Sometimes we need a little nudge to help us bring our intent and motivation into a single-minded laser-sharp focus. Consider how a trusting loving intimate connection with your partner could change your life? What it would be like to wake up in the morning to a warm loving embrace? How would it feel to come home to a warm welcome by your spouse? What would time together without arguments be like? How rekindled intimacy would contribute to your wellbeing, career and health? If these pictures create curiosity or even excitement within you, pick up the phone and give me a call. Transformation, empowerment and growth are just a phone call away.

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