What does Couples Bootcamp include?

  1. Many months of clinical and couples therapy work folded into one weekend
  2. Interactive learning and hands-on experience of the relationship skills and tools
  3. Cutting-edge methods of personal growth to release the baggage of the past and create our desired relationship
  4. The intimate circle of a few like-minded couples who want to learn and grow.

What do I get by signing up?

  1. Fifteen hours of group relationship work with Dr. Harel. 
  2. A shared enriching experience with other participants. Couples Bootcamp is capped at 5 couples to assure an intimate experience. 
  3. Room and Board: 3 nights, a private bedroom for each couple, 3 meals per day, and a coffee bar with refreshments to keep us going.
  4. A weekend in one of the beautiful nature spots of California, whether it is Lake Arrowhead, Los Angeles National Forest, Joshua Tree, or the southern ridge of Sierra Nevada and Lake Isabella. All locations are within approximately 3 hour driving distance from Los Angeles.

When and Where is the next Bootcamp?

  1. The tentative date for the next Couples Bootcamp is January 2024
  2. The date and location of the couples retreat will be confirmed with the participants. 

How much does Couples Bootcamp cost?

  1. The weekend cost per couple is $2200.
  2. It is free to sign-up and the payment in full is due once we confirm the date with you.


How do I sign up?

To sign-up, click the blue button "Bootcamp Enrollment" below and submit both of your names, phone numbers, and emails. We will reach out to confirm and answer any questions you might have. Each Bootcamp is limited to 3-5 couples.

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