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Gay Coming Out Counseling

Coming Out

Coming out of the closet is a term that was coined to name the process of revealing the truth about our sexual and erotic nature. It is the process in which we move from pretending to be “like everybody else,” hiding our erotic nature and “passing,” to publicly acknowledging our same-sex attraction and claiming our truth. 

The process of coming out has two important components to it. First is the seeking of a public acknowledgment and acceptance in hope to live ones life openly and authentically. Social recognition and validation is powerful way of affirming ourselves. However, the more conservative and homophobic our environment is, the less likely it is for us to receive the validation and support we are hoping for.

The second part of the coming out is the search for self-acceptance. This is the internal process of overcoming the cultural and familial homophobic messages that we absorbed and made our own. It is the transformation on this inner voice of self-condemnation into self-acceptance and ownership. Once we are able to challenge the cultural and familial ideas and the validity of hateful messages, we will find ourselves on a path toward self-acceptance.

Gay Coming Out Therapy is geared to help you release the old ideas about what it means to be gay or LGBT, acknowledge and validate your authentic self and use the newly found self-acceptance to build a life of fulfillment and wellbeing. The work always starts within, and as our perception of ourselves changes, so will our life experiences.

Many of the gay and LGBT clients in my Los Angeles clinic successfully resolve their anger, sadness, fear, shame, guilt, hurt or trauma, while developing an integrated and authentic sense of self. It is a great process of self-discovery, self-affirmation and empowerment. We have added the online therapy option to extend our services to all California LGBT community. For more information about online therapy please visit the Online Therapy Tab. We all deserve to find our voice, to follow our heart and to live our truth. You can get in touch with us via email, text or call. Initial phone consultation is on us.    

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