Couples Bootcamp: A different kind of couples retreat

The idea of Couples Retreat has been percolating through my mind for quite some time. My Los Angeles couples therapy clinic has been around for longer than a decade. The experience of helping couples rebuild their connection, restore trust, bring back the spark of passion into their bedroom, and heal old wounds has been tremendously rewarding. And, like with any endeavor, in which we attain some degree of mastery, the question that tends to creep up is “What’s next?”

One weekend my husband and I were driving through the busy Los Angeles Sunday night traffic, passing by the Grove, on our way home. He looked at me all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and opened with his famous “I was thinking about something yesterday, and… I have an idea!” He described to me his proposal: to create a couples retreat that is a mix of three core ingredients:

1. A weekend getaway to one of the gorgeous nature spots of California

2. An intensive weekend-long experiential workshop to deepen the connection between the couples, resolve the baggage of the past and open the possibility of a new desired future

3. A shared experience where several couples join together in the process of growth and transformation.

I heard him out and jokingly commented that it seems like he came up with an idea for Me, rather than for Us. He rightfully pointed out that I know nothing about nature and he will be the one to bring the ingredient of nature, hikes, and outdoor experience into the Couples Bootcamp flow. He also reminded me how good he is with logistics, and there will be quite a bit of logistics… His spark and excitement made me realize how fun it can be: a married couple of facilitators, in which one is a couples therapist and the other – a naturalist and adventurer, bring couples together for a weekend of growth and transformation.

I am thrilled to announce that our first Couples Bootcamp is scheduled for January 2024. Together we hope to create more love, more connection, and more joy in the world. We are working diligently to prepare for our first weekend of adventure. Meanwhile, if you are curious, shoot us an email or call. I am looking forward to getting together in January 2024! Until then.

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