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African American Couple


Dr. Harel Papikian offers workshops on subjects of love, desire, relationships, sexuality, marriage and LGBT-related topics. Each workshop is individually tailored to meet the needs of the participants, the time-frame and the setting.

For companies and organizations the workshop fee is $250 per hour. For non-profit local organizations the fee may be waived. To discuss further details please contact us.


Future Workshops:

Future Workshops will be announced once scheduled. In case you would like to be personally notified about an upcoming event, please send us an e-mail with the request and we will keep you posted. 

Past Workshops:

Love & Sex in Long-Term Relationships: Part I - The Paradox of Fading Desire

We will contemplate, discuss and explore the interplay between intimacy and passion, potential tension between the two, and ways to enhance both.