Would You Date Yourself

In one of my previous posts – “The Path To Love,” I contemplated the idea of self-love and its role in our ability to love someone else. The question I have struggled with is – how do you quantify self-love? What could be an easy way to determine whether we love ourselves or not? After all, if we directly present the question to our consideration, the temptation of wishful thinking is too great and we run the risk of presenting the desired state of affairs for our actual current reality.

One lazy Friday morning I was laying in bed,
contemplating the pros and cons of getting up, conjuring potential erotic scenarios the weekend could bring, and a question popped into my head – “Would I do me?” As I was considering this hypothetical, another question presented itself impatiently – “Would I DATE myself?” Now this is something to think about.

You might think the whole idea to be quite silly, since it is clearly a non-possibility, however, it opens an opportunity to consider a vantage point of our potential partner. What are the qualities within us that would make our partner happy, which ones would be the most challenging to deal with, and ultimately, what are the things that demand some work and growth?

Although my conclusion ended up being a tentative “maybe,” I managed to gain a better insight into what makes me into an awesome husband, and what are the qualities that should probably earn my partner a Nobel Peace Prize. So…now the only question unanswered is – would YOU date yourself?

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