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African American Couple

Counseling Services

West Hollywood Couples Therapy Clinic is proud to offer a wide array of gay counseling and gay therapy services for LA LGBT community as well as the LGBT community across the globe. All of the gay counseling services described below are available both in-person and online. The online therapy sessions are encrypted and secure, allowing you the full scope of confidentiality similar to in-person counseling. For more information regarding the online therapy please visit the “Online Therapy” tab. 

Gay Couples Therapy

Same-sex couples occasionally encounter challenges in the areas of trust, communication, intimacy, sex, relationship boundaries and more. Some of these difficulties are unique to gay men and gay male couples.  West Hollywood Couples Therapy Clinic is a safe place to address and resolve these challenges. Having the guidance of a seasoned gay therapist is important in creating an accepting and nurturing space and promoting your growth as an individual and as a couple.

Gay Relationship Counseling

Many of us find it challenging to create and sustain a fulfilling relationship. Some of us may even feel that after years of singlehood and multiple short-lived relationships a lasting and gratifying bond is not possible.   However, this could not be further from the truth, and we are here to help you prove yourself wrong. If you desire to change your relationship status, join us for this new adventure.

Gay Coming Out Counseling

The process of growing up and maturing is one of integration. We are moving toward greater wholeness, integrating all the aspects of ourselves on our path to inner peace and joy. This is what the process of coming out is about. We are stepping onto the path on inner truth, choosing to live a life of integrity. Some of us have adopted negative social or religious beliefs about sexuality and sexual orientation while growing up. Some of us believe that our family, friends and the world could never accept us as we are. These fears and negative beliefs are likely to hinder your efforts toward happiness and inner truth, making the two seem mutually exclusive. The aim of Coming Out counseling is to help you overcome these obstacles on your path toward integrity, inner truth and happiness.

Depression & Anxiety Therapy

Despite tremendous strides toward equality and growing number of positive role models in the media, our community is still faced with social and cultural pressures that are unique to us. These social pressures in addition to our personal and familial challenges produce higher rates of depression and anxiety within the gay community.  We are here to help you leave this old stuff behind you and reestablish your well-being. Working with a knowledgeable and experienced gay therapist in an atmosphere of acceptance and support will help you within few months to get a new lease on life.

Trauma Therapy

Difficult events in our lives, such as physical, sexual or emotional abuse, assault, war, accident etc. can leave invisible scars that zap our vitality and joy. Nightmares, intrusive memories, flashbacks and other symptoms of trauma can be easier to resolve with professional help. West Hollywood Couples Clinic is one of very few LA gay therapy clinics specializing in trauma, and with the help of an experienced gay therapist we will guide you back to your inner peace and joy.

Sex Therapy

A Satisfying sex life is very important to most of us. However, at times sexual challenges make our sexual experiences unfulfilling. Gay male sexuality is unique, and the subject of sexual difficulties is a sensitive one. West Hollywood Couples Clinic is solely focused on providing gay therapy, and having a skillful gay therapist makes the psychotherapy work easy and comfortable. Our goal is to enhance your sexual wellness and overall wellbeing.

Addiction Therapy

The core mission of West Hollywood Couples Clinic is to empower you to create the life that you want. The experience of addiction has at its basis a sense of loss of control and disempowerment. We are here to help you tackle the underlying causes for your substance use, and change your experience to the one of clarity and joy.

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